The Land of Enchantment


Author: Adrian Martinez
Location: Gila National Forest, Silver City NM
Description of photo: Shot on a Canon EOS RP, 50mm lens

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The Story:

The pure bliss we find while gazing out over miles of lush wilderness is a feeling best described as “Serene.” This site is uncommonly associated with New Mexico’s because of its desert nature. But for those familiar, we know that it is just one diverse landscape of many, found in The Land of Enchantment.

When asked for the inspiration for this photo, the photographer Adrain Martinez said, “It was a day before my birthday and I went to the top of the lookout at Hila National Forest to take photos…” Adrian then went on to speak about the subject of the photo, “A couple on a motorcycle pulled up and I knew I had to capture them admiring the view and freeze that moment in time.” 

Find Adrian’s work on Instagram @jovqaway

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