Inaugural Enchantment Beer, Wine & Spirit Festival

Have you heard about the 1st Enchantment Festival happening on November 12, 2022, in Albuquerque? With a HUGE list of prominent vendors coming to the event, we think this fall festival is one you cannot miss. Continue reading to find out who is on the list of vendors, what to expect, and where you can buy tickets.

Envision yourself with a group of friends on a crisp November day, raising your glass to the sounds of music and celebration at the acclaimed Ballon Park. This unique feeling of a community and camaraderie created by the blissful atmosphere is something we collectively yearn for after two years of social distancing. The satisfaction of being in an environment where we all mutually agree to put aside all of our stress and worry in exchange for communion and prosperity is what we all deserve.
Mark November 12 on your calendar and tell a friend because the first-ever Enchantment Fest is gearing up to be the event of the year. Ready to see the lineup?


  1. B2B Garden Brewery 
  2. Beer Creek Brewing Co. 
  3. Black Cock Brewery
  4. Blü Dragonfly Brewing 
  5. Boxing Bear Brewing Co. 
  6. Brew Lab 101 Beer & Cider Co.
  7. Canteen Brewhouse 
  8. Capitol Brewing
  9. Downshift Brewing Company
  10. Enchanted Circle Brewing 
  11. Ex Novo Brewing Company 
  12. Juno Brewery
  13. Kilt Check Brewing Company
  14. La Cumbre Brewing Company
  15. Lava Rock Brewing Company
  16. Little Toad Creek Brewery
  17. Lizard Tail Brewing
  18. Marble Brewery
  19. Milton’s Brewing 
  20. Nexus Brewery
  21. Palmer Brewery & Cider House
  22. Red River Brewing 
  23. Rio Bravo Brewing Company
  24. Rumor Brewing Company
  25. Sandia Hard Cider/Late Shift Lager House (The Craftroom)
  26. Santa Fe Brewing Co.
  27. Second Street Brewery
  28. Sidetrack Brewing Company 
  29. Steel Bender Brewyard 
  30. Taos Mesa Brewing
  31. Thirsty Eye Brewing Company 
  32. Three Rivers Brewing Co.
  33. Tractor Brewing Co.
  34. Truth or Consequences Brewing Co.
  35. Tumbleroot Brewery


  1. Gruet Winery
  2. Lescombes Family Vineyards / St. Clair Wines
  3. Noisy Water Winery
  4. Sheehan Winery
  5. Wines of the San Juan


  1. 505 Spirits
  2. Albuquerque Distilling
  3. Algodones Distillery
  4. Altar Spirits
  5. Big Nose Kate Whiskey
  6. Hollow Spirits Distillery
  7. Left Turn Distilling
  8. Little Toad Creek Distillery
  9. One Distillery
  10. Red River Distillery
  11. Safe House Distilling Co. 
  12. Taylor Garrett Spirits
  13. Troubled Minds Distilling
  14. Tumbleroot Distillery

Honey Brew

  1. Leaf & Hive Brew Lab 

Food Vendors

  1. Burrito Baby NM
  2. Craft Q
  3. Desert Sun Crepes
  4. Gourment Döner Kebab
  5. Hummus King & Lady Falafel 
  6. Kamikaze Kitchen
  7. Phat Stax Burgers and More
  8. Street Food Institute 
  9. The Kitchen Sink 505

Market Vendors

  1. Albuquerque Whiskey Society
  2. Behempful
  3. Brenda’s Botanicals
  4. Cordova Ink 505
  5. Double D Bling
  6. JDecker Designs
  7. K and C Naturals
  8. KayyArkham
  9. Kokopelli Design Studio
  10. LeafFilter
  11. Otero Lane
  12. Papalito’s Workshop
  13. Three Black Cats 

Where can you find tickets? Click here to preorder

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